Linpus Lite


Tablet Edition

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  • Features
  • Screenshots
  • Applications
  • System Requirements
Linpus Lite for MeeGo – Tablet Edition is one of the first full Meego-based tablet solutions. It is not just an operating system, but also includes a  comprehensive suite of key applications including: an ereader, browser, media player, photo viewer, virtual keyboard and webcam.
There are two interfaces: an icon-based launcher and also a widget desktop; these desktops can be easily swapped between with up and down swipes.
The included applications are also all customized for multi-touch and ease of use guaranteeing a full browsing, movie watching and music experience.
The solution is MeeGo 1.2 compliant and has the user interface and applications all written in QT. By being MeeGo compliant they will be able to include Intel AppUp center.
  • Widget desktop – Additional widget desktop designed to display rich cloud and media content.
  • Widget framework – Can convert applications into widgets and sync content.
  • User interface - Multi-touch, customized, highly-intuitive launcher and dynamic wallpaper mean a unique and fun user experience.
  • Lock screen – Linpus lock screen with OEM-by-OEM gestures for added personalization.
  • Smart animation – Linpus has developed a system of animation to make it easier to use and understand your device.
  • Customized apps - Full suite of touch optimized applications, including: ereader, browser, media player, mail, photo viewer, maps, contacts and calendar.
  • Strong ecosystem - MeeGo compatible and Intel application store support.
Full Multi-Touch Support multi-touch
E-Reader multi-touch
Virtual Keyboard multi-touch
Media Player multi-touch
Personalization multi-touch
Webcam multi-touch
Media Sharing multi-touch
Browser multi-touch
  • Widget desktop
  • E-reader
  • Media Player
  • Webcam
  • Photo Viewer
  • Browser
  • Maps
  • Dynamic desktop
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Processor: Intel Atom Pinetrail, Oaktrail or Moorestown
  • RAM: Min. 512MB required, supports DDR2 or DDR3
  • Storage: Min. 3GB, supports SSD, HDD and SD card
  • Webcam: Supports built-in webcam
  • LCD display: 1024 x 600
  • Built-in connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and 3G