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The latest edition of Linpus Launcher is a major upgrade improving speed, transition smoothness and memory management. For these areas, speed, transition smoothness and memory management, Linpus Launcher now delivers comparable and often better performance than any other replacement launcher. It also has a package of stand out and unique personalization and customization options that deliver real productivity, convenience and chance to show your own style.
It has been reviewed in many app magazines including:

Key Features

Quick Launch Panel
This is an additional shortcut panel to access more shortcuts quicker. In setting you can easily set to launch from top, bottom or either side.
Transition Effects
Select from the largest number of transition effects of any free launcher, 14, including: Classic, Fade In Out, Cube (Inside/Outside), Windmill, Revolving Door, Flippy, Chariot, Flip, Flip Vertical, Cross Fade, In And Out, Card Stack, Bayan.
Effect customization
Choose to have a different transition effect for your Home pages and App drawer.
Highly personalizable app drawer
Create your own category tab and organize to suit your preferences, for example, create tabs for News, Music and Sport. Also you can now arrange apps by time, grid and alphabetical order.
Icon Size
An amazing easy-to-use slider allows you to adjust the size of your application icons to suit your needs.
App launch animation
Customize the animations that launch your applications and select from 4 different speeds.
Home screen grid
Decide how many rows and columns for the app shortcuts on your home screen.
Widget Resize
Easily resize all widgets by dragging the corner.
  • Support Android 3.0, 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2