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Linpus Keyboard has amazing accurate next word prediction and auto-correction, learning and getting smarter as you type. It also many options to personalize – as well gesture typing.

  • Linpus Keyboard can predict your next word faster and more accurately than other keyboards because of its huge dictionary of words and Linpus' exhaustive testing of word patterns. In addition, when you start to type the last part of Linpus' work kicks in as Linpus Keyboard then starts to learn from the words you personally use to make that prediction even more accurate.

  • But Linpus keyboard is not just the most accurate it is also the most fun and customizable with our own gesture typing solution, re-size options and many different themes.

  • The latest edition has significantly improved reaction time - and enhanced English prediction further by making sure your predicted word arrives at the front of the candidate list.

  • Linpus Keyboard is available in 4 editions: multi language, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Japanese, each with specific market customizations. For example, the Chinese keyboards stand out by delivering the most extensive set of localized input methods for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese: T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng and Cangjie. This Traditional Chinese version is one of the most successful in this market with both paid and free versions.

Linpus Keyboard Apps
Linpus IME input Get it on Google Play
Linpus Keyboare Supports 24+ languages for phone and tablet
Linpus IME input Get it on Google Play
Keyboard for Zhuyin, Cangjie & handwriting input

Linpus IME input Get it on Google Play
Linpus Keyboard for PinYin supports English. PinYin & handwriting input
  • Processor: X86 and Arm
  • Operating system: Android