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Linpus Launcher is a fun, lightweight launcher designed to optimize the speed of your device while also improving usability through sophisticated functionality and animation. It is also easily customizable for OEMs looking to add the value of their brand.
  • Editions available for Android and Tizen.
  • Best in class HTML5 run-time with support for broader range of and more standard HTML5 APIs, including WAC and W3C.
  • Can be installed as a native application or accessed through a browser.
  • Rich and deep animation integration to improve interaction with your device.
  • Extremely sophisticated and easy-to-use interface that supports and organizes both HTML5 and native applications.
  • As well as launching applications, users can browse, manage, manipulate and search their application shortcuts either by mouse or touch behavior.
  • Mode that lets users browse through all Launch Pages with only one press or one release.
  • Launch buttons are editable and can be re-arranged by "Drag and Drop."
  • Launch pages can be switched smoothly between by pan gesture or mouse drag.
  • Multi-touch and single touch support.
  • Tight integration with key web app stores.
Linpus Launcher Linpus Ereader
Linpus Launcher Linpus Ereader
Linpus Launcher Linpus Ereader
Linpus Launcher Linpus Ereader
  • Editions available for Android, Tizen and HTML5-based.