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2013-10-15  Linpus releases new Android 3D live wallpaper delivering unique twist on sakura with mountain setting

Linpus releases new Android 3D live wallpaper delivering unique twist on sakura with mountain setting

Posted: 2013-10-15


Taipei, 15th October 2013 – Linpus, a leader in the field of smartphone application development and open source solutions for mobile devices, today announced a new 3D live wallpaper to add to their burgeoning portfolio of wallpapers and Android applications. Linpus has an extensive range of applications in the utilities, productivity, and personalization categories for Android including a: launcher, keyboard, battery, weather and several other wallpapers. Linpus Android experience also extends beyond applications as they have utilized their open source for mobile device expertise to deliver an edition of Android optimized for X86 chipsets and desktops and notebooks. This edition has Linpus' own multi-window solution, it can show portrait-only applications, and enables all key hardware peripherals. 


Mountain Zen, this new live wallpaper from Linpus Technologies, uniquely delivers and captures the beauty of wild and rugged mountain peaks thick with sakura trees.  As you relax the trees sway and the sakura leaves drop, swirl and dance in the wind against a stunning background of cloud-topped mountain peaks, lanterns, valleys and stone surrounded cold water ponds. 


Mountain Zen is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, and is fully interactive. Panning left and right then delivers unique angles on the distant mountains, clouds, lanterns, valleys and sakura trees; these unique angles allow you to view things in the way you only can if you were a bird sweeping through the treetops or a person swinging from a tree – allow you to immerse yourself fully in the mountain scenery and appreciate the wild beauty of nature.


Many things in Mountain Zen can be customized to suit your mood. Among them are: 


• Panning – Decide if want the camera angle to change when you swipe left and right

• Petal number - Choose the number of falling sakura petals you want

• Petal speed – Choose the speed you want the petals to fall at

• Trees – Decide if you want the trees on Mountain Zen to sway in the wind


You can download Mountain Zen from Google Play here. 


About Linpus Technologies, Inc. Linpus is an innovator and a pioneer in bringing user friendly open source solutions to the mass consumer market. Linpus ( has worked on open source solutions across numerous platforms and products, garnering a reputation for engineering excellence as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. As well as its flagship operating system Linpus Lite, which ships with several of the world's largest OEMs, Linpus has a number of successful applications across the key mobile app stores. Linpus and the Linpus logo are trademarks of Linpus Technologies, Inc. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.