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2012-05-07  At the Tizen Developer Conference, Linpus is showing its fully HTML5-based application launcher on the Tizen mobile platform

At the Tizen Developer Conference, Linpus is showing its fully HTML5-based application launcher on the Tizen mobile platform

Posted: 2012-05-07




Tizen Developer Conference, San Francisco, May 7 – 9th  – At the Tizen Developer Conference, Linpus, a leader in the field of open source operating system solutions in the consumer space, has been invited to display its HTML5 application development progress. Specifically, they will be displaying their HTML5-based launcher which is designed to work across a number of platforms.


“Linpus has long recognized the value offered by HTML5 and is investing heavily in it and cloud services,” said Rita Jing, vice-president of sales. “Our launcher is tightly integrated into our own Linux distro and can also be installed on numerous other platforms such as Tizen. Our vision is to allow you to better organize and access your key cloud services and HTML5 applications on any device.”


Linpus HTML5 launcher has the following key features:

1.Best in class HTML5 run-time with support for broader range of and more standard HTML5 Api's, including WAC and W3C.

2.Can be installed as a native application or accessed through a browser.

3.Extremely sophisticated and easy-to-use interface that supports and organizes both HTML5 and native applications.

4.As well as launching applications, users can browse, manage, manipulate and search their application shortcuts by mouse or touch behavior.

5.Mode that lets the users browse through all Launch Pages with only one press.

6.Launch buttons are editable and can be re-arranged by "Drag and Drop."

7.Launch pages can be switched smoothly between by pan gesture or mouse drag. 

8.Multi-touch and single touch support. 



Linpus also said they would soon introduce a number of cloud aggregation services to the launcher for better management of your cloud storage providers and your HTML5 applications from various app stores. 


About Linpus Technologies, Inc.  Linpus ( has worked on open source solutions across numerous platforms and products, garnering a reputation for engineering excellence as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. Our operating system, Linpus Lite, is the choice of several of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, making it the leading product in the consumer device and notebook space. Linpus and the Linpus logo are trademarks of Linpus Technologies, Inc.  Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.