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2011-10-31  Linpus gives its support to the recently announced Tizen™ open source software project; plans to release product in the new year

Linpus gives its support to the recently announced Tizen™ open source software project; plans to release product in the new year

Posted: 2011-10-31



Taipei, October 31st 2011  - Linpus, a leader in the field of open source operating system solutions in the consumer space, announced today they would transition their Linpus Lite MeeGo products to Tizen™. Tizen is the newly announced open source project that combines MeeGo and LiMo under the governance of the Linux Foundation. Tizen will also span across multiple device segments, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks and in-vehicle infotainment systems.  It is based on flexible standards-based HTML5 and WAC web development environment within which device-independent apps can be produced. 
“We fully support the direction of the new Tizen project,” said Warren Coles, director of marketing at Linpus. “HTML5 is being adopted at a fast pace, and receiving support  by a number of the key players in the industry. By adopting these standards we will be able to give our users and customers access to an even greater range of rich applications and user experiences.” 
Linpus was a supporter of the MeeGo project for a number of years; their Linpus Lite MeeGo with numerous enhancements from Linpus was the most successful product in the MeeGo space – Amongst the recent wave of MeeGo netbooks shipping Linpus Lite MeeGo has been the choice of the majority of OEMs.  
Linpus said they will release an edition at around the same time as the first scheduled release of Tizen in Q1 2012. This release will be based on the netbook profile and will continue with the tradition of being an enhanced version, bringing a number of extra features, among them: UI ease-of-use improvements, additional applications, power management, and broader hardware support.  They also said they are working with their hardware partners to make sure the potential benefits of the included supported for HTML5 can be realized.
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