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2011-05-31  At Computex Linpus announced a comprehensive list of upgrades across its product portfolio Including new Android solution, ereader, a location planner application and MeeGo edition improvements

At Computex Linpus announced a comprehensive list of upgrades across its product portfolio Including new Android solution, ereader, a location planner application and MeeGo edition improvements

Posted: 2011-05-31

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Taipei, May 31st, 2011 – Today at Computex, Linpus, a leader in the field of open source operating system solutions in the consumer space, announced their Linpus Lite Android Edition with Linpus enhancements, the next edition of their cross-platform e-reader application, a location planner application - and UX and system upgrades to their MeeGo tablet and netbook editions.

Linpus Lite Android Edition is the latest product in Linpus' portfolio aimed at the mobile and web-centric device market. It adds the enhancements listed below:

*User interface – A Linpus layer that means you can move more quickly between different screens, create categories and organize your applications more clearly .
*Cross platform -  Compatible with X86 and a range of Arm-based chip architecture.
*Applications – Addition of their Linpus eReader, Location Planner  and Ultimate keyboard applications.

Location Planner and Ultimate Keyboard are new applications from Linpus. Location planner combines scheduling and maps to let you know what you are doing everyday, and where. Click on a day on the calendar and it will show you on a map where you need to be. Alternatively, select a few days or a week and see your planned trips for that time period. In addition, you can sync with Google Calendar, Google To-do-list, Google Weather and Google Agenda.

Linpus Ultimate Keyboard delivers new functionality to Android: a clearer keyboard layout, more than 25 languages and support for external keyboards through Bluetooth and USB.

“Our strategy has always been to give our OEM partners not only the best possible choice in platform support but compelling added value,” said Rita Jing, vice-president of sales, “Our new Android edition does this with user interface improvements, new applications and cross platform support.”

Linpus e-reader is one of the most mature solutions in the multi-touch and mobile device space. Already a cross-platform solution with support for MeeGo, X86 and Arm, they have now added Android compatibility, and the improvements below:

*Three more formats totaling now 12 - PDF, TXT, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, DOC, HTML, CHM, XMDF, EBOOK, IMAGE and AUDIO.
*Bookshelf – Can now create your own categories and assign a books to those categories.  
*Reading – Now has a night mode.
*Get social – Share words or phrases with your favorite social networks.
*Content provider integration – Support for generic Adobe DRM.

Linpus, also announced plans to upgrade both their netbook and tablet MeeGo-based operating systems to MeeGo 1.2, giving a snippet of new features they will add. The tablet edition will have an additional widget desktop and framework, as well as improved animation and lock screen customization. For its netbook edition Linpus has also completely redesigned M-Zone and added new functionality so now you can login, view messages and answer directly from your M-Zone social network panel. 

Linpus will be exhibiting the full range of its products at Computex, Taipei, May 31st – June 4th. You can find them at booth L202 on the 4th Floor of Nangang Exhibition Center. 

About Linpus Technologies, Inc. 
Linpus ( has worked on open source solutions across numerous platforms and products, garnering a reputation for engineering excellence as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. Its netbook operating system, Linpus Lite, is the choice of several of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, making it the leading product in the netbook space.

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