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2014-02-24  Linpus will announce major updates to its keyboard and launcher applications at MWC

Linpus will announce major updates to its keyboard and launcher applications at MWC

Posted: 2014-02-24


As well as its keyboard and launcher applications it will be displaying new 3D wallpapers and its Android x86 multi-window solution


Taipei, Feb 24th – At MWC, Linpus, a leader in the field of mobile device application and solutions development, will be announcing major updates to its keyboard and launcher applications as well as showing its Android x86 multi-window solution. Linpus has an extensive range of applications in the utilities, productivity, and personalization categories for Android including a: launcher, keyboard, battery, weather and many wallpapers. Linpus Android experience also extends beyond applications as they have utilized their open source for mobile device expertise to deliver an edition of Android optimized for X86 chipsets and desktops and notebooks. This edition has Linpus' own multi-window solution, it can show portrait-only applications, and enables all key hardware peripherals.


Linpus Keyboard is already one of the most successful in the traditional Chinese market with its excellent prediction and correction – and handwriting solution. Linpus has now updated their multi-language keyboard app with much improved correction, auto-complete and prediction. This new version makes typing faster and more fun through its amazingly accurate prediction - as well as having easy word editing, and a number of customization and personalization options like: move, resize, split and change themes.


Linpus Launcher is the fastest and most customizable launcher for Android with a number of standout features: the quick launch panel is an additional shortcut panel that gives you more options to launch your key apps quicker – and it has more than 20 scroll and app launch effects to choose between; you can also choose speed for both scrolling and app launching. The latest edition adds powerful privacy settings with the ability to both hide and lock apps – an easy to use interface makes it possible to do so for multiple apps at a time and then to change.


Linpus Ocean Discovery is a new 3D wallpaper from Linpus. It brings you the excitement and wonder of discovering underwater ruins and treasure in the ocean. 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, Ocean Discovery, sets you down on the seabed surrounded by ancient ruins, coral, plants, sunken pottery and a treasure chest. As you scroll left and right through the scene you get to discover the ruins and treasure up close – as well as enjoy the many kinds of colorful sea animals swimming around you including fish, turtles. Ocean Discovery also provides a number of ways you can interact with it: open the treasure chest to discover gold, knock over the pottery vases and tap on the fish to see them swim away.


For Linpus X86 Android and Multi-Window solution, they have worked to adapt Android for the notebook platform at all levels. Not only have they added hardware support but also enhanced at the UX level: multi-window they have added their own solution so that, for example, it is possible to write email, watch a full HD movie and play games interchangeably.



For a full demonstration of Linpus' products come to Booth 8.1 E60, App Planet, MWC. Full details of these products and where to download are also available on Linpus website:


About Linpus Technologies, Inc.  

Linpus is an innovator and a pioneer in bringing user friendly open source solutions to the mass consumer market. Linpus ( has worked on open source solutions across numerous platforms and products, garnering a reputation for engineering excellence as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. 

As well as its flagship operating system Linpus Lite, which ships with several of the world's largest OEMs – Linpus has a number of successful applications across the key mobile appstores.


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