2013-09-18  Linpus ports Android to latest Intel chipsets including Haswell and Baytrail

Linpus ports Android to latest Intel chipsets including Haswell and Baytrail

Posted: 2013-09-18



Additional improvements include the creation of their own multi-window solution and the enablement of portrait mode applications without a G-sensor

Taipei, 16th September 2013 – Linpus, a leader in the field of open source solutions for mobile devices, today announced the solutions they have developed for Android OS on X86 notebooks, PCs and AIO devices. Linpus is best known for their Linux OS one of the most commercially successful Linux OSes, shipping on netbooks and notebooks with many of the world's leading OEMs. Linpus has unrivaled expertise in creating out-of-the-box, user friendly Linux customized for all the latest hardware, and they have put this experience to good use bring Android over to the latest Intel chipsets like Haswell and Baytrail D and M.

The extent of Linpus' customizations extend beyond hardware also to the user interface. They have worked on a number of items to enhance Android usage on AIO and NB, including two more major areas of improvement: multi-window and portrait mode only applications. In the first case, multi-window they have added their own solution so that in future, for example, on a 21 inch AIO device, it will be possible to write email, watch a full HD movie and play Fruit Ninja interchangeably.

Secondly, they have solved a problem with displaying portrait only applications on devices without a G-sensor, ie, AIO and many non-hybrid notebooks. Previously, Google Play wouldn't display those applications unless a G-sensor was present in the hardware. After Linpus' customization this is now possible, specifically to play portrait only games like Candy Crush Saga.

Linpus has also been developing a number of core Android applications; they are presently available on Google Play and at the same time have been customized to suit a notebook/AIO user experience. These applications include Linpus Launcher, Linpus Keyboard, Battery Optimizer and a number of 3D wallpapers, together with their OS customizations provide a complete solution for those looking to use Android on x86 PC devices.

Finally, with regard to demand for dual boot, Windows and Android, Linpus also has a complete solution including customization on a OEM by OEM basis for best results.

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