2012-08-24  Linpus launches Android keyboard series with best in class support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese input

Linpus launches Android keyboard series with best in class support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese input

Posted: 2012-08-24


Taipei, Aug 22nd  – Linpus, a leader in the field of open source software in the consumer space, announced the launch of a keyboard series available for download from Google Play. This series has a number of unique features including a prediction bar that can be panned from left to right to more quickly find key words, better prediction and mixed English and Chinese input in one keyboard. The series is split into 3 versions: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and a global version with support for 27 languages.


“Having one of the most successful worldwide bundled desktop distributions means we have always excelled at localization,” said Rita Jing. “More than 2 years ago we started to invest heavily in Android and ways we could create compelling added value for users. With our exhaustive range of input methods and user friendly add-ons we are happy we have achieved that with our Android keyboard series.”


Linpus says their Simplified and Traditional Chinese Keyboards are the most feature rich of their kind on the market with a number of extremely innovative new features: 


1)Mixed English and Chinese - English as well as Chinese words will also be displayed in the prediction bar meaning you don't have to keep switching between English and Chinese input. 

2)The word prediction bar above the keyboard can be panned to quickly get to the correct word

3)Next word prediction

4)Splittable keyboard for use on tablets

5)Memory features so often used words appear as first prediction

6)Contact address book importing


Additional features for the product series include: fuzzy, predictive, and handwriting input for Simplified and Traditional Chinese; Zhuyin and Cangjie for Traditional Chinese; emotion symbol support, Google Voice support, and, for the global version support for more than 27 languages and their keyboard layouts. 



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