2011-09-14  At IDF, Linpus will launch the latest version of their Linux desktop operating system Linpus Desktop Edition

At IDF, Linpus will launch the latest version of their Linux desktop operating system Linpus Desktop Edition

Posted: 2011-09-14



Linpus delivers an array of new features that enhance both your productivity and ability to live your busy online life

IDF, San Francisco, September 13th -15th – Linpus, a leader in the field of open source operating system solutions in the consumer space, announced today the release of Linpus Lite Desktop Edition. 

Linpus Lite Desktop Edition is an extremely powerful yet versatile desktop, all-in-one, notebook and netbook operating system. Based on Gnome 3, it has a significant array of enhancements that mean it is the ideal choice whether you require productivity, entertainment or lead an extremely social, connected online life. 

In that first instance, productivity, Linpus has worked hard to improve the user experience in a number of ways; in particular, to reduce the number of clicks to launch, view and manage your applications. For example, the Window and Application tabs from the 2nd level have been moved to the status bar.  The dock can be set to retract and can now be accessed from anywhere; open windows for favorite applications appear as thumbnails on the dock, a universal Quick Launch panel making it much easier to get to often used functions like screen lock, brightness, volume, connectivity and the projector switch – and a new Today panel has been created that moves the weather, time and your schedule together.

“We have always focused on creating consumer friendly software that can also be used for a full range of computing tasks,” said Rita Jing, vice-president of sales, Linpus. “We therefore worked very hard to create a product that would appeal to heavy users who need to have many windows open and to users who needed to be plugged in and receiving information from their social networks all the time.”

Secondly, Linpus has added a lot of functionality to improve your interaction with your social networks and online media.  

* All-in-one application - Instantly delivers your messages from your favorite social networks and lets you reply – as well as delivering mail from * your web mail accounts, RSS feeds, and let you view your recently opened websites; all through one interface. 
* Added privacy - This application will also have added privacy support: it will be possible to set up a password specifically to access it, meaning you won't have to log out of all your social networks in order to protect their information. 
* They have also included their Linpus Youtube Application and Linpus Ereader - Linpus Ereader stands out by supporting more than 12 formats. 
* Instant notification of incoming messages from your social networks, mail, messaging sites and Youtube and the ability to see the number of unread messages on the application icons. 

Linpus will be displaying this new version of Linpus Desktop Edition in the Technology Showcase at IDF San Francisco. You can find them at Booth 957, Atom Software Section.

About Linpus Technologies, Inc.  
Linpus ( has worked on open source solutions across numerous platforms and products, garnering a reputation for engineering excellence as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. Our netbook operating system, Linpus Lite, is the choice of several of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, making it the leading product in the netbook space.

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