2014-03-07  Linpus releases Linpus Lite 2.1 with even better power saving for best-in-class and better touch support

Linpus releases Linpus Lite 2.1 with even better power saving for best-in-class and better touch support

Posted: 2014-03-07


Taipei, March 7th – Linpus, a leader in the field of open source software in the consumer space, announced the latest edition of their Linux distro, Linpus Lite 2.1. Linpus Lite is an extremely powerful yet versatile desktop, notebook, and hybrid Linux operating system. It is also one of the most successful Linux OSes in the field of bundling with OEMs, over the last five years being the operating system of choice of most of the commercial notebook and netbook shipments of Linux.


This latest version Lite 2.1 continues with the theme of making Linpus Lite unique in its support for web apps and touch. This is done through an additional app launcher that is written in HTML5 and is designed for touch operation – and the inclusion of many web applications customized to run full screen.


It also has the improvements below:


1)Enhances power saving further – Originally Linpus boasted the best battery life for a Linux distro and they have worked to improve by another 15%.


2)Brings boot time down again by around 4 seconds making it one of the quickest Linux distros available.


3)Installation - Unifies OOBE and installer and makes installation speed quicker – Around 6 minutes by USB.


4)App center – Adds system update support and many more applications.


5)Icon mode – Now has native apps as well as HTML5.


6)Now can access all open windows from bottom left corner and workspaces in top left.


7)Dual boot with Windows 8 UEFI and secure boot on.


8)Easier to use new login window.




You can download Linpus Lite from Linpus' website at


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