2013-11-25  Linpus Traditional Chinese updated with improved auto-complete, new handwriting engine and gesture typing solution

Linpus Traditional Chinese updated with improved auto-complete, new handwriting engine and gesture typing solution

Posted: 2013-11-25


Taipei, 25th November 2013 – Linpus, a leader in the field of smartphone application development and open source solutions for mobile devices, today announced a major upgrade to the traditional Chinese version of their keyboard application. Linpus Traditional Chinese keyboard has many specific localized functions for the traditional Chinese market including: the most complete set of different input methods for inputting traditional Chinese and an excellent handwriting solution. It is one of most popular for this language with downloads of over half a million in a short time on Google Play. 


This latest version has been massively improved and updated: next word prediction is now more accurate and faster and the handwriting engine is new delivering faster response and more accurate character modeling. In addition, Linpus has added a number of great paid features which are automatically activated as a 30 day free trial. These paid features are listed below: 


• Tablet users - Keyboard can be moved to new place for more convenient typing.

• Physical keyboard - Attach by Bluetooth any physical keyboard for input and prediction.

• More themes - Three new themes: Pure black, Pure purple and Brown leather. 

• Full screen handwriting - Can now choose full screen to write words.

• Fast editing - Tap on any word in your message to select and send back to the candidate bar for editing and re-selection.


Besides these paid features Linpus Traditional Chinese will always support the following free features: 


• Amazingly accurate prediction that learns and gets better the more you type

• More ways to select sub-menu items – As well as long press can now swipe on a key

• Mixed English and Chinese input in one keyboard

• Most extensive set of input methods for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese: T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng and Cangjie

• Edit the words memorized in your dictionary

• Pannable prediction bar

• Emotion symbol support 

• Arrow keys (cursor up and down and move around) 

• Improved Zhuyin and Pinyin spelling modification 

• Multiple skins and themes 

• Resize keyboard option

• Long press to get comma, period, question mark and exclamation mark on first screen

• Exhaustive list of colloquial words


You can download Linpus Traditional Chinese edition from Google Play here. 


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