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2013-06-04  Linpus announces next edition of its Linux OS, Linpus Lite, with additional HTML5 launcher and deep integrated web application support

Linpus announces next edition of its Linux OS, Linpus Lite, with additional HTML5 launcher and deep integrated web application support

Posted: 2013-06-04


As well as Linpus Lite, Linpus will be displaying updates to the full range of their Android applications and its work optimizing Android OS for Intel chipsets


Taipei, June 4th – At Computex, Linpus, a leader in the field of open source software in the consumer space, will be demoing the latest edition of their Linux distro, Linpus Lite. Linpus Lite is the most successful Linux OS in the field of bundling with OEMs, over the last five years being the operating system of choice of most of the commercial notebook and netbook shipments of Linux. In addition, Linpus will be showing Android on Intel notebooks and customizations they have done to Android for X86.  


Linpus has been working for some time on making their Linux operating system Linpus Lite  unique in its support for web and HTML5, touch and mobility. The latest edition, 2.0, continues with that theme with updates to several key areas:


1) HTML5 app launcher – Since 1.8, Linpus Lite has had an additional launcher coded in HTML5. The UX of this launcher is designed with a web experience in mind, is super fast and designed to organize web apps better. The latest edition in 2.0 updates: the UX further with improved categorization, offers higher fps, and better touch support.

2) Web app support – More than 2000 web apps can now be easily discovered in our app center, they launch full screen, and are seamlessly integrated with our launchers.

3) Chrome app integration – Log into your Chrome app account and all the apps will sync across with our launchers. Log out and into another Chrome account and it will sync those apps instead.

4) Touch - There is deep support for touch with key apps like photo viewer, browser, and the app center customized to allow touch scrolling and multi-touch resizing. 

5) Latest chipsets – Optimization for all the latest notebook and PC chipsets including Haswell.

6) Virtual keyboard - Next word and punctuation prediction, error correction and 33 languages.

7) Auto backup - Automatic backup of your email & data.

8) Impress remote control support for Android phone

9) Powerful security with UEFI secure boot, VPN, firewall and security tools.


Specifically, the other products on display - and updates - from Linpus' product portfolio are as follows:


Linpus Android x86 Edition – Linpus has been working for many years to optimize and customize Android for the Intel chipsets and the notebook platforms. Our work represents the best of UX customization, hardware integration, app support and OEM services.

Linpus Gesture2Launch makes launching applications and completing actions like restarting your computer faster and easier on Windows 8. It now has support for creating your own gestures, can map to any application in your system and has more actions.

Linpus Keyboard – The latest update to Linpus Keyboard has enhanced the accuracy of its word prediction so that it matches and exceeds any keyboard app on the market over a host of key languages. That update also includes: Linpus' own gesture based typing method, more themes, and a number of personalization options so you can increase the size of the keyboard etc.

Linpus 3D Wallpaper – Linpus wallpapers provide the truest and most vivid 3D experience. The latest edition to its portfolio of wallpapers is Water Pool, delivering which has the purest water and smoothest ripples of any wallpaper.

Linpus Battery Optimizer - Makes the most of your battery's power by giving you the most ways to view, adjust and control power consumption per application and function. Among its stand out features is the ability to see time left for each of your apps so you know if you can finish your movie on the present charge. 

Linpus Launcher -  Linpus launcher has an additional launch panel meaning you can launch more applications faster. It also has the most transition effects of any free launcher. The latest edition has added: the ability to add unlimited customizable tabs, more folder styles and easier way to add to folder, as well as more Linpus widgets.  


For a full demonstration of Linpus' products come to  Booth M1201a, 4th Floor, TWTC Nangang Exhibition hall. Full details of these products and where to download are also available on Linpus website:



About Linpus Technologies, Inc.  

Linpus is an innovator and a pioneer in bringing user friendly open source solutions to the mass consumer market. Linpus ( has worked on open source solutions across numerous platforms and products, garnering a reputation for engineering excellence as well as highly intuitive user interfaces. 

As well as its flagship operating system Linpus Lite, which ships with several of the world's largest OEMs, Linpus has a number of successful applications across the key mobile app stores.


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