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2012-06-04  At Computex, Linpus leads the way for HTML5 on Linux with the integration of a HTML5 launcher in the latest edition of its distribution, Linpus Lite Desktop Edition.

At Computex, Linpus leads the way for HTML5 on Linux with the integration of a HTML5 launcher in the latest edition of its distribution, Linpus Lite Desktop Edition.

Posted: 2012-06-04




Linpus also upgrades with many features designed specifically for ultrabooks and improved mobility

Computex, Taipei, June 5th – June 9th  – At Computex, Linpus, a leader in the field of open source solutions in the consumer space, is displaying their pioneering work integrating HTML5 into Linux operating systems for mobile devices like notebooks, ultrabooks and smartphones. Specifically, in the latest edition of their own distro, Linpus Lite Desktop Edition, they have fully replaced the launcher and their key added value applications for weather and cloud services with HTML5 offerings.


 “HTML5 means you can now create the kind of rich applications associated with native code, while also tying closely to the web,” said Rita Jing, vice president of sales. “Our HTML5 integration delivers on this through rich animation, sophisticated functionality and seamless connect to web content. Our launcher is able to launch both native and HTML5 applications – and is also closely tied to key web application stores.”


Linpus Lite Desktop Edition is the popular notebook and desktop edition of their Linpus Lite Series. Linpus said that their latest edition of this distribution is designed around adding extra functionality that complements the ultrabook revolution, namely: increase mobility, battery life – and creating  faster and smarter ways to connect to the web and get yourself back working on your device as soon as possible. They have done this in several ways:


<1> Icon-based HTML5 application launcher that: fully supports both single and multi-touch behavior; allows you to browse, manage, manipulate and search either by mouse or touch behavior; organizes local and web applications together in one interface and has rich animation – All of which make it easier and faster to get to your information.

<2> Hardware fine-tuning for fast boot and resume, achieving boot times of around 16 on many hardware models and resume from sleep of around 5 seconds. 

<3> Creating their own 'smart receive' software that can, from sleep, wake up your system at intervals set by the user and update your email, apps and social networks. 

<4> Their own power management application to better manage the consumption of power in your system. 


Linpus also added that they had a number of value added applications all written in HTML5. Through aggregating in one interface and reducing clicks, Linpus Cloud Hub helps you better manage you data across numerous cloud storage providers. Linpus Account Manager locates all your key web accounts in one place. And Linpus Weather Application incorporates lifestyle elements as part of its weather functionality. For example, the user can set to be notified if it is a good day for golf or cycling or better to stay in bed.  They also have included the functionality below:


<1> Vivid animation to display current status

<2> Supports 24 languages

<3> Social network sharing functionality

<4> Worldwide real-time weather information and 4 days forecast

<5> Worldwide digital clock (12 or 24hr format)

<6> Host of lifestyle management functionality

<7> Lunar calendar (include twenty-four solar terms), worldwide public holidays and daylight saving


Linpus Weather and Linpus Launcher applications are available in editions for Tizen, Android and HTML5.

Linpus is displaying the full range of its products at booth K0230, in the 1st floor of the Nangang Exhibition Center.  


About Linpus Technologies, Inc.  

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