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2011-08-30  Linpus gets another software design win with Asus EeePC X101

Linpus gets another software design win with Asus EeePC X101

Posted: 2011-08-30

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This netbook, launched worldwide, is shipping with a version of MeeGo™ customized by Linpus 

Taipei, August 24th 2011  - Linpus, a leader in the field of open source operating system solutions in the consumer space, announced today they were the software vendor behind the recently released Asus EeePC X101 with MeeGo.  The device ships with a customized version of Linpus Lite for MeeGo. Linpus Lite for MeeGo has been the most successful product in the recent wave of MeeGo netbooks, getting software design wins for many first tier manufacturers. 

“We are pleased and honored to be involved in another MeeGo design win,” said Warren Coles, director of marketing at Linpus. “It serves as both a testimony to the flexibility and user friendliness of MeeGo and all the effort we have put into making MeeGo into a mature consumer ready product with a great out-of-the box experience.” 

The MeeGo operating system is actually a full open source product. For end users MeeGo™, offers a specially designed user interface that delivers your key social  networking information live to a panel on the desktop. Additionally, key applications like the media player, open windows, all programs, browser and messenger are easily situated on the top tool bar and making them very easy and quick to swap between. This MeeGo edition has a number of customizations:

* MyZone has been completely redesigned so that each of the social networks has its own module and it is possible to now reply direct from that module to received messages. 
* Favorites functionality has been integrated into the Chromium browser 
* Music and favorite websites added to MyZone
* Complete Bluetooth solution including device-to-device transfer 
* A more user friendly system settings panel
* 3G dongle support for South East Asian Nations.
* Codec and overall multimedia experience finetuned for better performance.
* Improved peripheral support to make sure there is support for a wide range of printers, projectors and other peripherals.

The recently released EeePC X101 is an ultra thin netbook weighing only 950g, has a thickness of 17.6mm, and a selling price of around 230 US dollars (depending on model). As of going to press, it is the most popular item in the notebook category on the PC Superstore website in the U.S – And is also currently sold out.  
About Linpus Technologies, Inc. 
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